Facebook Etiquette- Are You Friends With Your Boss?


So you were having a kick ass day. Your finishing all your work responsibilities ahead of time and you may even be able to sneak out of the office a little early and all of a sudden it happens to you. You see a new “Friend” request waiting for you and you can hardly wait to see who it is. You click on the button and you see who it is….it’s my fre@kin boss! What happened to Facebook etiquette?


Would you be friends with your Boss?


This can be a very, very weird and socially awkward situation that you are now facing. Are you going to tell your boss the truth about how you feel about him or her? Are you going to accept their request like a good employee even if you can’t stand being in the same room as this person? What are you going to do???


If you ever find yourself in this sticky ass situation and aren’t sure what to do have no fear. I have put together a list of questions/reason to tell your boss why you can’t accept his or her request:

  1. Can I delegate some of my work responsibilities to make room for our Facebook friendship during work hours?
  2. Can I put some of my other assignments on the back burner while I work on developing our friendship?
  3. I already have too many Facebook friends and I will have little time to put into fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.
  4. Am I the only person that can successfully complete this assignment?
  5. I absolutely lack the skills necessary to be a competent Facebook friend to someone in your position.

If none of these ideas work you may be forced to break out your sudden innate knowledge of the corporate HR handbook that you had to sign when you joined the company and remind your boss that any type of boss worker relationship is highly discouraged unless it is directly related to your job responsibilities which you are being compensated for.


If you like this list or have any response you have used on your boss let me know!

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  1. David Chiles says:

    I agree that it is bad netiquette to friend your boss on Facebook. I think that any boss that asks to be your friend on Facebook should be fired because it is like asking them out on a date because social not professional.

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