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Book Title Descriptions

Book Title Descriptions

Do I Really Have This Many Friends

You have over 150 friends on-line but you have no one to go see a movie with. You are always responding to your on-line friends and they never respond back. Everyone on Facebook has some friends that aren’t true friends with. We want to hear your stories on how you realize how many true friends you had or didn’t have. We are looking for stories that will surprise you on who your friends are, and how you came to realize which people are really your friends.

How Facebook Changed Junior/High School

Your formative years – those years from twelve to eighteen can be tough and awkward from a both a physical and emotional perspective. You have formed many relationships and have been on the outside of many others that make you feel inferior to others or not liked. Insecurity, responsibility, and peer pressure take you on an emotional roller coaster. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! The stories in this book – almost all of them written by teenagers just like you – will prove that to you. We are looking for stories that will inspire you, make you laugh, make you think, and make you cry. If you have laughed, cried, and thought in one day, you’ve had a full day- Jim Valvano.

How Facebook Changed My Life

As you get older your time becomes more valuable to you as you have less free time. Many of us lose touch with many of our friends in life as we grow up. When adversity strikes, people with a stronger network of friends and family will come out of their hardship quicker and stronger than people with a weaker social network. We are looking for uplifting stories of people who have lost touch with many of their friends and suddenly had their life change through the advent of Facebook and the support of a lost friend/s.

Relationship Ruined or Created by Facebook

Coming to grips with a close relationship that has ended shockingly sudden or drawn out over time can be a very painful and depressing process that you must go though in order to get yourself back together. It’s proven a strong social network will help you do this faster. This collection of stories will act as a your box of chocolates that will offer you comfort in showing you that you are not alone and it wasn’t your fault, with none of the calories. We are looking for stories on how Facebook ruined your relationship and how you overcame this loss, and how this may have changed your life for the good. We are also looking for stories on how Facebook helped you create a relationship after not having success elsewhere.

Lost Then Found on Facebook

Rekindled relationships are many times the strongest relationships a person can have in life. You may have been meant for somebody all along but maturity or bad decision making kept you apart from your eventual destiny. We are looking for real & interesting stories on how life separated you and how were reacquainted, and now are still back together. We also want to hear how these rekindle relationship didn’t work out.

Facebook Rules Part II

I wrote the first book of rules on Facebook categorizing the many types of relationship people have on Facebook. Now I’m looking for the best of the rest. I’m looking for your relationship observation on why someone has friended or why you haven’t accepted a friend request. Your rules should be laced with humor, sarcasm or disbelief as you write about your normal, exciting, and weird experiences that you never thought would happen to you in your life before Facebook.


We are always looking for new stories on how Facebook has played a roll in your life. If you have a story that doesn’t fit into the categories above, please submit your work under this category. Check back from time to time to see if we have added any new categories.

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