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About Facebook Rules

About Facebook Rules

The Basics

Accept Dave Nierman’s invitation to be his “Friend” and you will be thrust into his humorous narrative which is packed with interesting and sometimes twisted stories on his relationship experiences. You will quickly learn why Facebook has influenced Pop culture on a global basis. Dave’s quirky stories show first hand how Facebook has truly changed how people communicate, socialize, and think about socializing with each other in a very short period of time.

Throughout the book you will find useful tidbits of advice, factoids

and riveting humor that will provide entertainment, which demystifies and decodes this popular Internet social tool, and enhances your online experience. Nierman, as he is called by some of his closest off-line friends and foes alike, provides cautions and instructions for getting the most value out of Facebook with an insider’s view on who you should target as your friend on Facebook, and who to avoid like a bad cold in the middle of a long cold New York winter with no more sick days left at work.

You will be sure to enjoy Dave’s stories about the many different type of Facebook friendships he has experienced, analyzed, and has categorized for your reading enjoyment. From re-connecting with lost lovers and old neighborhood friends, former teammates and current work peers and superiors, to people he would have liked to have been a former teammate or an ex-lover but probably not in that order. Definitely not in that order, we checked with Dave. Dave also describes what to do when you’re found on Facebook by some of the rudest, craziest and most annoying people he has ever known. He means ever! And ever is really a long time.

For anyone who has not yet joined Facebook, are their still any, or for any current Facebook user who wants to expand or share your list of valuable experiences, contacts and friends, Dave Nierman will show you how it’s done. Both irreverent and disarming, Facebook Rules! makes the case for the use of social networking to build friendships, get in touch with people from your past, stay in touch, rekindle an old flame that didn’t burn out due to someone being crazy, get connected to a brand new flame, and most of all have fun while doing it!

Besides writing an F’in hilarious book as cited by Dave’s hard to please neighbor Shari Platt, Dave is donating a potion of the sale of every book to the Jimmy V Cancer Foundation. We mean a big portion. Dave would like nothing more then being part of the winning team that finds a cure for cancer. Coach Jim Valvano who started the V Foundation during his last months of his battle with cancer, amassed 346 wins as a NCAA Division I college coach to go along with one of the biggest upsets in tournament history by winning the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship as a very big underdog in 1983. Coach V, as he is known, deserved one more win during his lifetime- the win against cancer.

Dave’s on a mission to raise $1,000,347 during the first year of publication of Facebook Rules- this will fund about 5 new studies aimed at finding a cure for Cancer. The three hundred and forty seven dollars is symbolic gesture standing for the one more win Coach V deserved- the victory against cancer. Your support of this book and Dave is greatly appreciated.